So Let It Be Written…So Let It Be Done

From the First Book of Nathan, Chapter 17

5 It was the third month of the last year before the apocalypse
6 And Nathan lived in the land of Blogspot, where he owned a small blog and raised posts for himself and his family,
7 but a famine had arisen in the land of Blogspot, and Nathan had not seen a blog post in several months,
8 and he thought that he would appreciate a change of scenery,
9 and he said to himself, “The admins of Blogspot have turned their faces away from me. Let me destroy this miserable site and recreate the blog as we see fit.”
10 And then he remembered that it was the internet, and that nothing online can really be destroyed.
11 So he left the blog where it was and he walked about on the surface of the internet, which was formless and void
12 And he explored the ruins of The Space That Is Mine, and he saw that it was a desolate wasteland, inhabited by those who clung to an antiquated way of life,
13 And he came to The Land of Those With Average Lives, and he found that the lives of the residents were either terrible or fantastic, and anything but Average.
14 And he came to The Plains of Those Who Are Entitled To Cheeseburgers, and he found them to be overrun by wild beasts, who mugged shamelessly before his picture-box, and who spoke in incomprehensible languages.
15 And he encountered the monks of the Xtremely Knowledgeable Church of Distraction, and they imparted to him all their wit and wisdom, and he was much enlightened, though he often did not understand the things of which they spoke.
16 And he traversed the Desert of Wikipedia, and he saw that it was a place of ever-shifting perceptions, and whenever he would make out for a landmark, his surroundings would change so that he found himself in a different place than the one for which he had aimed.
17 And he came to the City of the Holy Book of Face, and he discovered that the city’s many residents lived in eternal frustration, for their emperor was forever issuing new decrees and initiating civic changes, invading the privacy of his citizens in ever more creative ways.
18 So at the end of all his journeys, he set down with his family in the Valley of WordPress, and once more set up a blog, hoping that this new land would be more conducive to his success.

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