Doing Nothing

As it saith in the tagline: “Doing nothing has never been so difficult.” This, as it turns out, holds true only for those particular nothings of a creative bent–in my case, writing.

My life, in the post-pedagogical paroxysms of poorly prioritized pastimes, has been consumed with nothings of ever-increasing diminution. I have backslid from the mental exercise of an occasional good book into television…a slow IV drip of barely sustaining entertainment and a violently addictive drug.

TV viewing is not something that can be gotten out of one’s system in an afternoon or a weekend. Show begets show in an unending rabbit trail that burrows through IMDB, leading you to each new serialized obsession with the allure of This Star, or That Director, or The Guy Who Wrote That One Episode You Liked Of That Show You Didn’t Really Like That Much Overall, But You Watched It Until It Was Cancelled Because You Wanted To See If They Ever Got Together. If I may reappropriate a portion of Ecclesiastes: “Of the watching of many TV shows, there is no end.”

Ecclesiastes, incidentally, is a very interesting book. I did not expect to find in the bible such verses as 7:16: “Do not be excessively righteous and do not be overly wise. Why should you ruin yourself?” or 1:18: “In much wisdom there is much grief, and increasing knowledge brings increasing pain.” Methinks Solomon had recently graduated from college himself.

Well, this continuous nothinging might have gone on forever, until I remembered that I had a blog. A blog that had been forgotten about ever since I had graduated. Upon looking at the site’s stats, I realized that although I have not posted in over two months, I have received some fifty visits to the site during that time. I then had the sad mental image of one loyal fan checking the blog every day…and then crying herself to sleep at the sight of no new post. This ought not to be!

Loyal reader! If indeed it is but one of you who has checked so diligently these past few weeks…your waiting has not been in vain! Rising from the pit of unmotivatedness…I POST ONCE MORE!

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4 Responses to Doing Nothing

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  2. It’s funny that you automatically assume your stalker is a woman. Wishful thinking, eh?

    • Well, that and it would have been creepy to assume it was a guy crying himself to sleep. And sentence-structurally annoying to say “himself or herself”.

      • Loyal Reader says:

        There’s no need for that kind of politically correct sentence cluttering: I am indeed a woman.

        My tears were on the inside though, so as to keep my pillow dry. Now, they have no place in this world since you have resumed posting and brought joy to my weary reader’s heart. Sorry for my delayed reply – I had debated revealing myself until now.

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