Friday Micropost: Insurance Companies are Stupid #$@%&!@s

I interrupt your regularly scheduled micropost to bring you this special announcement:


Apparently, when I received a quote on auto coverage from Westfield Insurance, they were skeptical of my claim that I had received a speeding ticket and been in an accident. “Oh ho ho,” they said, “Here’s another one of those sneaky fellows who is trying to pay us more money for insurance by making up a ridiculous story about a speeding ticket and an accident. Well, we’re not going to fall for that one…quote him for only $770 a year. BUWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!”

Then, in the time between receiving the quote and applying for insurance, they apparently discovered evidence of my driving mishaps. “Huzzah for journalistic integrity,” they cried. “We’ve found the blighter out! Trying to get lower insurance premiums? For shame! Let’s punish him for his sneakiness with an additional $400 a year! BUWAHAHAHAHA!!!!”

In all seriousness, what if I had taken the initial quote and applied for it? Would they have slapped an insurance fraud lawsuit on me when they uncovered my automotive iniquities? If anyone had been defrauded, it would have been me.

In the immortal words of Rageguy:


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  2. Jordan says:


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