Saturday Micropost: Superman: The Underdog

Years of books, movies, and television shows have instilled in us the knowledge that brain triumphs over brawn. Long ago, in our pioneer days, we had a strength-based culture, where you had to work hard to survive, and the weak didn’t always make it. Thus, mind overcoming muscle was a fascinating story archetype because it represented a paradigm shift. But our culture has changed. The most respected jobs in our country are thinking jobs, and strength-based manual labor is looked down on as inferior.

Thus, I propose that Superman is the great underdog of our age. Lex Luthor is the Hercules of our era, a brilliant, cunning, intellectual giant, if a madman. And the one person who stands up to him is Superman, whose strongest muscle isn’t the one between his ears. Unable to get by on his wits alone, he is forced to survive using only his brute strength. And for that, he deserves your respect.

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1 Response to Saturday Micropost: Superman: The Underdog

  1. Jordan says:

    Ha! Good point….

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