Quick Post Updates…And Polls! And Marginally More Scheduled Posting! But Don’t Hold Me To That!

A few quick post updates:

1. Only some insurance companies are stupid #$@%&!@s. The people at Campbell Insurance have been really helpful, giving me first-accident forgiveness and helping lower the cost of both car and renter’s insurance. I’ve been really impressed with their service so far.

2. My review of Google+ games was not mere railing against the Google gods! My harsh words emotionally injured one of the games so badly that it has withdrawn from the world and refuses to manifest in its window. Score one for wise use of time!

3. It occurs to me now that my “microposts” are actually the length of normal blog posts by many people’s standards. And since I assume most readers don’t want to wait a week and a half and then have to wade through five pages worth of whatever has been fermenting in my mental refrigerator. So from now on, I think microposts are going to be more or less the norm.

But first, I want to hear from you! So now I am going to implement a Poll:

And while I’m at it, I’m going to implement…ANOTHER POLL!

For I have discovered that I can delay posts to be published at a particular time and date. And as I usually write at stupid times like 2:23 in the morning, when arguably normal people are sleeping, it might be better to publish the posts when potential readers are out and about.

Now I want to know: when do you want new posts to appear? This poll is multiple choice, so tell me both which days of the week and which times of day are best for you.

Thanks for your feedback (I hope)! And if you have questions/requests/suggestions for the blog, you can e-mail me at ninjafrisbee@gmail.com.

Coming up this week: some musical satire.

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