Only Marginally a Blog Post

I made register today!

I spilled water on a Wet Floor sign. Then I put out a Wet Wet Floor Sign sign.

Hmm…this is really short.

I’m not sure why I’m trying to make a blog post right now. It’s not really happening.

I ate soup today. It was in a bread bowl. It was good.

I need to start carrying a camera with me. Interesting stuff always happens when I don’t have a camera. I take it back. I should not carry a camera with me; the better to allow interesting stuff to happen.

That’s enough. I have a much better blog post that I want to write, but I’m too tired now. I’ll probably write it and put it up tomorrow.

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1 Response to Only Marginally a Blog Post

  1. Julian Neuer says:

    Your “wet Wet Floor Sign sign” reminded me of Steven Pinker’s “the rapidity that the motion that the wing that the hummingbird has has has is remarkable”.

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