David Fincher Announces Updates to Facebook Movie; Completely Unrelated to James Cameron Film About Google+

This has certainly been a big week for movies based on websites. On Monday, director James Cameron received a historic $600 million-dollar budget for his upcoming film about the development of the website Google+. The film, tentatively titled Plus and slated for release in 2013, will feature Brad Pitt in a starring role, and will focus heavily on a love triangle between Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin and a computer program named ELMo.

On Tuesday, David Fincher announced that he would be adding several “updates” to The Social Network, his 2010 film about the creation of Facebook. Foremost of these updates will be the addition of Brad Pitt to pivotal scenes of the film. In some cases, this will require the refilming of certain scenes, and in other cases, Brad Pitt will be added to specific scenes using state of the art CGI technology.

Fincher acknowledges the suspect nature of this announcement coming so quickly on the tails of James Cameron casting Brad Pitt in Plus, but assures fans that it is nothing more than coincidence: “Brad Pitt is a feature we have long been planning on adding to The Social Network. It is only now that the technology has adapted to the point where this kind of editing is feasible.”

Fincher also plans to update the DVD release by entirely rearranging the scene selections on the DVD menus. “We’re experimenting with some new looks that we think are really going to grab the eye,” Fincher says.

Despite these and many other updates to The Social Network, there is not, as of yet, any plan to remove the oft-complained about DVD feature that sends e-mail notifications to friends and family every time a viewer watches a scene of the movie.

In other internet-based movie news, Michael Bay is talking with producers about creating a splashy action-trilogy of films based on the website Zombo.com. “If I can capture just half of the depth and substance of this website with these films,” Bay says, “I feel I will have peaked as a director.” Nobody is about to disagree.

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