Okay, Let’s Give Responsibility a Try

Well, I’ve been blogging with the steadiness of a epileptic with the DTs for several months now, and I think it’s time I started a regular posting schedule. SO HERE GOES:

Game plan, as of now, is to post twice a week: Monday and Friday afternoon at 4:00 pm…please ignore that I’m posting this at 4:48. Next week will be better.

I may post on other days if I see fit, if I feel that a blog is particularly time-sensitive, or if I’m more impatient than usual. And if I can keep up this posting schedule and find additional posts piling up like back issues of National Geographic in your grandparents’ garage, I may post regularly on Wednesdays as well.

Or semi-regularly.

Or not at all.

Also, if you don’t want to check the site regularly, only to be disappointed by lack of post (as I do, so often, with Hyperbole and a Half), you can subscribe to the blog. All this means is that you get automatic e-mails when I put up a new post. You will not be spammed, harassed, or otherwise maligned as a result, and unless WordPress is staffed by unscrupulous money-grubbers, your e-mail address will not be given to any third parties (a.k.a. unscrupulous money-grubbers with horrabul speling and an unhealthy interest in the size of certain parts of your anatomy).

Plus, you can unsubscribe at any time, if I get boring or start blogging about politics.

And I get to see that people like what I write, which makes me want to write more, which shooooould be a boon to those who actually do like what I write.

Anyway, no pressure, have fun, keep reading, and…see you on Friday.

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