On Second Thought, Let’s Kick Responsibility In The Nuts

Mere hours after my last post, in which I decided that I would have a regular blog schedule, with two posts a week, I now decide to blow that out of the water because I have had an IDEA.

I like to check out the blogs of people who like or comment on my blog, and as I perused one that I particularly liked, I had this IDEA.

The world must know of these other blogs, with their humor, and their smartness, and their inspirationality! And I must help spread the world! And so, my IDEA was this:

In addition to the two regularly scheduled posts, I will also have a Shout-out of the Week, to let readers of Mindless Productivity learn about other blogs I enjoy and appreciate.

These shout-outs, in stark contrast to the grim scheduledness of my other posts, will bounce around like a pogo-stick riding lunatic, and could happen AT ANY TIME! BUWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

The first one is here and now:

Shout-out of the Week: Brain for Thought

Brain for Thought is the blog I visited today, which inspired me to start shouting out. Warren, the blogger, is a really funny guy. Both of these posts cracked me up. Check them out:

Please Reset Your Password:

What Happens When I’m Bored:

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3 Responses to On Second Thought, Let’s Kick Responsibility In The Nuts

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  2. Hey! Thank you so much. So glad you like the blog.

    You’re very kind for the recommendation and consider me subscribed.

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