It’s That Day With All The Numbers…Oh, Yeah, And That Other Thing Too…

Well, it’s after 1:30 now, so all the 11-gasm posts are probably out of the way now…at least for another 10 hours or so. And everyone with a 360 or a high-end computer will be playing Skyrim for the next several weeks (sleep, meals, and bathroom breaks optional), so there’s probably no one around to read this, but anyway, here goes.

Today is also paycheck day, so I swung by my workplace, picked up my check, and headed to the bank. To my chagrin, I discovered it was closed today, which means no deposit until Monday. I started to get frustrated…and then I realized why it was closed.

Veterans Day.


Right, um, I knew that.

It figures that I wouldn’t notice that it was Veterans Day until it interrupted my day in some minuscule way. If you’re familiar with the meme First World Problems, that’s how I felt then. If you aren’t, First World Problems is a recurring internet joke that points out the trivial things that we (and by we, I mean some of the wealthiest people on the planet, even those of us near the “poverty line”) find to complain about.

And there is so much that we find to complain about.

“It’s too cold…outside my room temperature house.”

“My internet is too slow…it took me fifteen seconds to load a page.”

“There’s not enough to do at work.”

“I don’t know what I want to eat.”

“I lost my remote…now I have to walk across the room.”

“I left my iPod speakers at home.”

“I don’t have time to watch 10 different TV shows.”

“Somebody changed my controller settings.”

I guess since we don’t really have as much famine, drought, widespread disease, tyranny, persecution, or home-territory war as virtually any other country, we’ve got to find something to whine about.

But I digress.

Today is Veterans Day. Or Armistice Day or Remembrance Day, depending on where you’re from. It’s not just an American holiday. It originally celebrated the end of hostilities during World War I–at 11:00 on 11-11-1918–after nearly 10 million deaths on both sides, a comparatively small number of whom were American.

I don’t really want to argue politics today. I don’t like war. I wish we could do without it. I think there are wars that should never have been fought. I don’t know what I think about the rightness or wrongness of the current war, but I wish it was over.

I’m not going to try and argue whether war is justified or not. But I want to ask you, regardless of your feelings about war, to respect those who fought.

Those who fought and died.

Those who fought and live now with their memories.

Those who are fighting now.

An army is more than an agenda, an ideology, or a nation’s fist. An army is people. Individuals. Individuals who do a job that many, myself included, would be afraid to do. Individuals who are scared and brave, hopeful and despairing, smart and foolish, trusting and skeptical.

If they fought in an unjust war, they don’t deserve to be spit upon for the mistakes of their government. Anyway, I’m not convinced most soldiers fight for a government.

I think they fight for their families.

I think they fight for their friends and neighbors.

I think they fight for you and me.

To Veterans here and gone,

Thank you.

Thank you for doing what you thought was right…and for doing it so bravely.

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1 Response to It’s That Day With All The Numbers…Oh, Yeah, And That Other Thing Too…

  1. Jordan says:

    Excellent post Nathan. Good stuff!

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