Blog Shout-Out: Good Heavens!

Sometimes you just can’t sleep. Maybe it’s things going on in your life, maybe it’s girls (or boys, if you’re a girl), maybe it’s the temperature of your room. And it can be lonely, when all the world seems to be sleeping but you.

On one of these tossing and turning nights, I started browsing blogs, starting with people who have commented on mine and moving steadily outward. As a result of my roamings, I came across the blog Good Heavens–more specifically, this particular page: I laughed heartily at the curious phrases the blogger concocted, and was able to sleep much more easily.

I read for a few minutes before realizing that the blog was that of a friend of mine, which I should have guessed from the tone.

The blog is currently in temporary or permanent hiatus, but there are many posts to enjoy and to ponder. So go! Read! And be merry!

And thank you, Hannah, for giving me something to laugh about when laughter was greatly needed.

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