This Is The Kind of Thing You Miss Out On If You’ve Already “Grown Up”

Sometimes, you just need to do ridiculous things.

Take Monday night: My two friends Steven and Jacquelyn and I were sitting around trying to figure out what to do.

“We should do something stupid and awesome,” I said.

We thought about this for a while, and then Steven suggested, “We could make a fort.”

“Out of what?”

A fiendish grin of glee crossed his face. “Couches.”

Jacquelyn, or Jack-Jack, came up with the primary fort construction: stacking the long couches Tetris-style:

With half of the couches looming over us like the Sofa of Damocles.

Then we brought chairs to either end of the couch tunnel, to support the walls and provide more defensive ramparts. Lastly, we covered the holes in the roof and walls with cushions and bunkered down for a siege.

And we did not have long to wait. After a few minutes, Nathaniel, another of my friends, discovered our marvel of upholstery architecture.

Upon hearing his cry of delight, Steven pushed aside two of the roof cushions and poked his head through the gap.

It looked like this, except this is Jack-Jack, not Steven.

Nathaniel took this as an invitation to play human Whack-A-Mole, grabbing a cardboard tube that was lying nearby and bopping Steven on the noggin. This led to a protracted battle for dominion until finally, Steven managed to wrest the weapon from Nathaniel’s grasp. He then managed to repurpose the mole-whacker as a makeshift combination cannon and periscope, with which we could better safeguard our stronghold.

Some time later in the evening, we received a visit from a a foreign dignitary who requested ambassadorial access to our cushiony castle. There was some confusion surrounding the dignitary’s name–President Raegan–but after a brief dispute at customs (during which Jack-Jack was accidentally bonked on the head by the cannon/periscope), she was welcomed to Casa Diván.

Eventually, it was time to dismantle the Ottoman Empire (Sorry…you had to know that was coming eventually.), but not before engaging in an epic pillow fight with the remnants of our disassembled fortress.

*     *     *

All of this is to say:

Be ridiculous, and live without fear.

Merry Christmas from the couch fort.

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1 Response to This Is The Kind of Thing You Miss Out On If You’ve Already “Grown Up”

  1. I heartily approve. And so does my Christmas beard. 😀

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