And Never Brought To Mind


That is a lot of friends to have.

But Facebook says I have that many.

In a given week, there are 168 hours. Take away 56 for sleeping, another 30 for work, and another 30-40 for reading, eating, playing video games, cleaning house, and any other non-social behaviors, and that leaves 42 to 52 hours left that I could conceivably spend with people. That leaves…7 to 9 minutes a week for each friend. Not a lot to build a friendship on.

And of course, everyone doesn’t get equal treatment. Just glancing through the list, I see classifications of people stand out: Family members, people I knew in high school, people I knew at TUFW, people I knew at Taylor Upland. Some of them I haven’t seen or spoken to  in years. Some names I don’t even remember, and others have changed through marriage.

I feel like I should save these contacts, in case I someday want to reconnect and reminisce with some of these distant acquaintances. But I realize that I would have nothing to reminisce with them even now…will I have new memories after more years apart?

Listening to Auld Lang Syne lately has made me wonder about these old acquaintances, who have been forgotten. I’m reminded of this scene from When Harry Met Sally:

I think perhaps it is time to take a good long look at my friends list and figure out which ones I will actually stay connected to. Good luck making the cut!

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