My Body Is Amazing

…That didn’t come out quite like I intended.

What I mean to say is, my body (and yours, as well) does ridiculous things on a regular basis. A couple hours ago, I was cleaning up dishes in my kitchen, when I slit my thumb with the sharp lid of a soup can. It startled me more than anything (it wasn’t a deep cut), and didn’t hurt for a few seconds.

The cut bled, and I ran it under warm water, watching the blood blossom out and then wash away with the stream. It continued to bleed, so I grabbed a paper towel and wrapped it around my thumb. I then went off in search of Band-Aids.

I found one, and when I unwrapped the paper towel, my thumb began to bleed again, and I had the same thought I always have when I see a persistently bleeding cut: I have somehow contracted an undiscovered non-hereditary type of hemophilia and am going to die.

I rinsed the thumb again, and wound the Band-Aid tightly around the nick.

Two hours later, I removed the Band-Aid to see what was up. The bleeding had stopped, and the cut had more-or-less glued itself back together:

I then had the same thought I have every time I see a scab or sealed cut: I have magical healing powers.

But in a way, it’s kind of true, isn’t it?

Even if I didn’t have a paper-towel or a Band-Aid, all my body’s blood wasn’t going to just drain out through my thumb.

Blood clots…how weird is that? Because blood cells are basically like lemmings. They don’t really care where they go, they just follow everyone else. “You guys wanna go for a trip off the beaten artery? Sounds great to me!”

But some of the blood finally decides, “Nope. This is not a good idea,” and just cements itself in place like an old-fuddy-duddy, keeping all the stupid little corpuscles where they belong.

And then, eventually, the body decides to sew the gaping flaps back together and make new skin and fix all the blood vessels…before long, you can’t tell anything was ever wrong.

I know this sort of thing happens every day, but man…sometimes the everyday stuff is the most incredible.




Also, if you clicked on this link for the wrong reasons…Sorry, but this is about as good as you’re going to get:

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One Response to My Body Is Amazing

  1. Alicia says:

    That is such an amazingly fantastic contorted face.

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