That Day That We First Met

Valentines Day has come and almost gone, and, currently single, my first instinct is to scoff and brush it aside. But despite some cynicism, I’m still something of a romantic at heart, so rather than ignore the passing of the day of love and Hallmark, I wrote a sappy poem about no one in particular. Enjoy.

That Day That We First Met

Do you remember how you looked, that day that we first met?
Your makeup smeared beyond repair, your hair all soaking wet,
And then you flashed a smile at me I never could forget—
No other beauty could compare, that day that we first met.

Do you remember how you moved, that magic night we danced?
Your stumbling and missteps made the others look askance
But every little waver had me hopelessly entranced
And ballerinas looked like fools, when next to you they danced.

Do you remember all that happened on our wedding day?
The sky was blue and spotless, without any trace of gray,
And foolishly, we thought that it would all go off okay.
But then a groomsman made a joke
The pastor had a minor stroke
Your brother made a drunken rant
The best man wasn’t wearing pants
My mother called your dad a liar
Your wedding dress got lit on fire
The cake was dropped
We lost the rings
But I wouldn’t change a single thing
About that perfect, flawless day I gave myself to you.

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4 Responses to That Day That We First Met

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  2. Anonymous says:

    It’s really great, Nathan. There’s a sort of romantic idealism colliding with the chaos of reality and imperfection that gives the poem power and makes it… fascinating, distinct, and moving. Like none of the problems could even remotely dent the picture of love the writer has for the one he loves.

    I’d probably cry if I knew it were all true… or any of it. … I’m not even the crying type.

  3. lrsawyer says:

    don’t worry… i just cried a little…

  4. You should bottle yourself up and sell “you” on Valentine’s…you’d make a fortune! 🙂 That was beyond romantic! Kudos!

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