The Summer of Unadulterated Awesomeness, Starting in 5, 4, 3…

I need to be more awesome.

I mean, sure, I’m pretty awesome already…even my bedhead is awesome:

…but there’s always room for more awesomeness.

Sheer bloody-minded unsaturated prescription-strength Capitalized distilled concentrated awesomeness.

This summer, starting (arbitrarily) tomorrow, I am on a quest (cue quest music) to improve myself in various ways:

1. Writing

I went to school for twenty thousand dollars a year to major in Professional Writing, so it’s time I did something with it. Currently, I’m working on a novel. A few months ago, I posted a brief excerpt, and I hope to include more excerpts as the summer goes on.

I’m planning to post more frequently this summer, and expect to see a short story or two as well.

2. Acquiring New Skills

Now that I don’t have education in the way, I’m ready to start learning again. I just bought a used guitar, with which I hope to teach myself some rudimentary skills.

I also want to learn to dance. Although learning from grainy Youtube videos is not ideal, I hope it will serve for learning the basics of some ballroom dancing…and how to moonwalk.

3. General Life Betterment


Reduced media intake.


All of these things will happen this summer.

And soon, I’ll come up with a legitimately funny post. I think it will be another illustrated one.

See you later…when I’m slightly more awesome.

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