Summer of Awesomeness: Day 1: Cleaning

After staying up until 4 in the morning writing last night’s blog post, I didn’t want to do anything but sleep until work the following evening.

But do awesome people sleep their entire day away? Certainly not!

So I roused myself at the crack of noon and embarked upon a frenzy of cleaning and organization.

Since my old housemates moved out and new ones moved in, we’ve been moving, organizing, and cleaning frequently. One of our jobs was once more unclogging and cleaning our bathtub, a job which Sean and I decided to tackle. In my previous post about house cleaning, I failed to include Before & After photographs of our porcelain monstrosity. I rectify this lack of foresight now:

WARNING: The following photograph is super-disgusting, and may make you never want to visit me again. The second one is okay, though.



But all that bathroom cleaning was a few days ago. Today I had other demons to tame…


Tomorrow is trash/recycling pick-up day. Thusly, the garbage cans needed to be brought to the curb. But first they had to be filled with all manner of skubala (if you’ll pardon my Greek): trash bags from every room in the house; unused, yet mostly popped sheets of bubble-wrap; cardboard boxe3s that once held things we’d long since thrown away; stale cereal, moldy bread heels, and ziploc bags full of mystery.


The schedules of my roommates and I seldom converge, so we’re rarely able to cook meals together. As a result, a week’s worth of four people’s dishes had accumulated in the sink. I dove into them with aplomb, vanquishing the grime and revealing the somewhat tarnished drain catcher filled with vegetable shrapnel. I disposed of these greenery fragments forthwith.


I then proceeded to vacuum my room. I put my earbuds in and listened to a fine selection of artistic and well-respected tunes, which were definitely not Call Me Maybe looped indefinitely. The dust was no match for my vacuuming sensibilities and good musical taste.


I posted several of my uninterestingest books for sale, hoping to clear up some additional space in my room and home.

After all of these varied cleaning tasks, I still had some time before work, so I went on a walk. Passing by a baseball field, I saw a shortstop. I took a picture:

That is about all I did that was awesome today. Hopefully tomorrow will be even more awesome.

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2 Responses to Summer of Awesomeness: Day 1: Cleaning

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  2. alex7ktrc says:

    I had a literal lol with that shortstop photo. Well written mate!

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