Blog Shout-Out: Cristian Mihai

Remember when I was going to routinely write two posts and a blog shout-out every week?

Well…that’s clearly never going to happen. But nonetheless, I have a shout-out today to the blog of Cristian Mihai, which I have just discovered.

Cristian is a Romanian writer who blogs on a daily basis about writing, reading, and self-publishing. He’s also written a bunch of short stories and novels, self-published through platforms like Amazon and Smashwords (which I also hadn’t heard about until just now).

His posts about self-publishing have a lot of good tips, and have made me more interested about the world of self-publishing, but what really stands out about this blog is his earnestness. These are the words of a guy who loves writing and being read, and who wants to help bring many more wordsmiths along for the ride.

I haven’t had a chance to read much of his blog, but I enjoyed the articles Self-Publishing Week Wrap-Up and The Author’s Platform.

If you enjoy writing, you should check out his blog. And, just so I can squeeze some shameless self-promotion in here…you may enjoy this post I wrote a few months ago about Why I Write.

Until next time, internet-users.

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