Writing, And Living Life As It Was Meant To Be Lived

Dear Reader,

I must apologize, for there has been a depressing dearth of passion on the blog of late. This is unforgivable, and it ends now.

I am a writer, and I have shoved my craft into a closet for months, eternally promising to bring it out, but leaving it to succumb to mildew. Another unforgivable crime.

I ask for no forgiveness. I merely start afresh.

I have written consistently every day of this past week, and today, I’m throwing in a blog post to boot. I intend (save in cases of coma or kidnapping) to write every day for the rest of my life.

We were not made to Facebook. We were not made to Reddit. We were not made to eat and shit and sleep and watch television and play video games and masturbate our lives away as sacrifices to idols of self-indulgence and apathy.

We were made in the image of God. And that means we were made to create.

We were made to create books and businesses, pies and portraits, farms and films and families. We should, of course, enjoy the fruits of both our labors and those of others. But to do nothing but take and eat and gorge upon all that the world produces while making nothing in return leads to a death of the soul.

*     *     *

I recently read an article talking about Jerry Seinfeld’s productivity secret. In the article, he said that he took a calendar and made a big red X on every day that he met his daily writing goal. After a few days, there was a chain of red X’s which grew longer every day. Then, the goal is to not break the chain.

So I decided to do the same thing. I made a calendar for July and sticky-tacked it to my wall. Deciding to start small, I set a goal of writing 100 words of fiction every day for the near future. It’s a small enough goal that I can knock it out in about ten to fifteen minutes, even if the words aren’t flowing like melted butter.

However, once those 100 words are written, it’s surprisingly easy to keep going. For me, starting to write is the difficult part, and once I’ve gotten the wheels turning, I can keep the words coming through momentum. So far, I’ve written at least 200 words every day this week, and sometimes as much as 500. I’ve written one and a half chapters this week, which is more than I’ve written in two months.

When I started out, I told fellow writer and blogger Jason about this plan. He was also interested, and joined in.


The two of us are both compulsive gamers, sometimes playing video games for unreasonable amounts of time to get achievements and increase our meaningless gamerscores. So we decided to channel this obsessiveness and competitiveness into writing.

We compete for Longest Chain (currently me, at 7 days), Highest Daily Wordcount (currently Jason, at 706 words), and Total Wordcount (currently unknown, as we have yet to compare). We may add weekly and monthly stats to this as well.

In the future, I’ll refer to this challenge/competition as 100 Words Daily, or 100WD, for short.

*     *     *

Mindless Productivity has long been a blog without a theme. For the most part, I’ve enjoyed the freedom it’s allowed. However, I am a writer, and this blog should be a writer’s blog. I’ll still write some off-topic stuff, but expect to see more posts about writing, and a few short stories.

Now go create.

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3 Responses to Writing, And Living Life As It Was Meant To Be Lived

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  2. Alicia says:

    Nathan. You are awesome.
    When you really really don’t feel like doing your 100WD, you must.
    Don’t ever stop.

  3. That’s a great idea. It’s kind of nice to see how productive you are on a calendar. Best of luck!

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