Naked In The Rain (Summer of Awesomeness: Day 60)

Do you remember when you were a child, and the rain called to you as a friend? Parents told you to ignore its call–rain was not appropriate company to keep. But now there’s no one to dictate your social circles, and the rain still calls. Will you answer?

Empty your pockets. As adults, we have too many things that we feel we need to protect, things that make us fear the rain. Leave behind your phones, your wallets, your watches, your keys, your iPods, your money–you don’t need them where you’re going.

Step outside. Feel the raindrops peck against your face. Is it cold? Perhaps, at first, but give it time.

Walk in the rain, and let it soak through your clothes, your shirt clinging to you like a drowning man. Splash in an inch-deep puddle, and send up triumphant sprays of water.

Why are you still wearing shoes? They squelch with every step, and your feet are already drenched. Remove your shoes and socks. Feel the water run between your toes. Kick up more sprays of water, and feel the gravel grit underneath.

Listen to the rain tack, tack, tack against the fabric of your shirt. What use do shirts have in this rainswept world? Peel it off, be one with the rain.

And when you return home, to the relative privacy of your backyard, where cries of public indecency cannot be heard, take off what clothing remains. Raise your arms to the sky and feel the rain surround you, encapsulate you, suffuse you.

You have your whole life to wear clothes, but now, this moment…this is your time to be free. No expectations or social constructs. Just God’s creation and you.

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