Zeroes Don’t Mean Anything, But It’s Sexy When They All Get Together

On Nov. 3, at 2 in the morning, I found myself checking my blog stats page every few minutes. Why? Because it looked like this:

Come on, Mr. Frodo. One more crawl, and then you can lie still.


9s are the unloved stepchild of statistics.

99th customer? Who cares?

999 signatures on a petition? Big deal.

9,999 blog views? Come back when you’re done boring the tears out of my eye ducts.

For whatever reason, we have a torrid love affair for big round numbers with lots of 0s. A zero can mean the difference between tens and hundreds, hundreds and thousands, millions and…ten millions. That final tick is what brings that grand total to a new factor of 10.

Which is great if you’re into base 10. If we were all into base 12, I’d have to wait another year or so until I could get excited about 20,736 views.

But we’re not. We like base 10, and so the zero ruleth over all. And that elusive zero was keeping me from going to sleep.

*     *     *

“And then, with thunderous praise and lofty adoration, a second passes by and nothing changes.”

It’s New Year’s Day today, and time for another arbitrary milestone. A time for new resolutions and life choices. Is there any reason that January 1st should be the day for such momentous changes? No. But is there any reason it shouldn’t be? Again, no. January 1 is a convenient marking place for change and evolving philosophy. Just like 10,000 views.


I’ll write a better post later.

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