A Short Story

I love abbr. in some cases, like using an ampers&, but there’s a pt. at which it becomes asi9.

Just the other d., I was walK bareft. in the yd. using a Mr. to H2O my kt. and going over them with a ♠. I was just going to check the ♂, when I saw my neighbor running a† the ∩. She was F and fair in feature, and was usually a KO, but now she was crying. Her name was Ann, or Annette, for long.

“W is the problem?” I asked, non+ed. Her tears were bldg. to a cresc.

“IDK what to do!” she said, and with that !ed across the St. to her home.

“Annt. wt, just wait a sec., slow ↓.”

She -ed over to me. “I’m sorry…it’s my daughter, VA.”

“How is Ginny?” I asked, hoping I could Fe out the problem, but it only seemed to com£ Ann’s tears.

“She really Mrs. her father. Ma~ does too. Ever since Mark–my husband–died of : ♋, we’ve been on a gradual des¢ into madness. And to top it off, I’m on my . ”

I had not realized that Mark had d. I had been about to ?’s absence, but was glad I didn’t.

She cont’d. “After all these yrs., I thought we’d be β off by now, but I don’t know how to take ℅ her on my own.”

“Annette, I know your grief is insurMt.able, but I’m sure you’ll boz. back. And someone w/ your rad.t beauty won’t be alone for a very long t.”

She choked back the tears and smi.d. “Ωy goodness, you’re R. IA debt of gr’tude to you. I’ll ½ to be strong, even though it Hz.”

I took ♪ of her ♯ recovery, and in < α min., we separ8d. “Life is short. Live it to the fullest…etc.”

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  1. Reader says:

    If This Blog Post Makes You Famous, The Writing Community Is Doomed.

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