Goats Are The Best Things There Are

Get out of the way, cats. It’s time for a new quadruped to take control of the interwebs. I’m speaking of goats.

You see, cats are cute, which is why they’ve managed to hold the attention of so many web-surfers, even when they fail to actually be funny. But goats? Goats are not terribly cute. So when they succeed at dominating the internet, it’s because of actual comedic talent, not just relying on their looks.

Some of you may remember Mammon, the weird-looking Damascus goat who is a symbolic representation of earthly wealth:

This is a Damascus goat, by the way.

But did you know there are even more hilarious goats out there?


For instance, there’s this hyper little guy, who can’t seem to sit still:


And these goats, who sometimes have trouble moving at all:


Perhaps you’re one of the 10,000,000 people who have already seen this video since February, but I’ve watched it at least five times now and I’m not tired of it yet:


Since their exposure in this video, some of these goats have developed successful music careers:

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