Want is a high-density material, which weighs heavily upon the body and the soul. In high enough concentrations, its gravitational mass causes time to slow, and if allowed to reach critical mass, will collapse, consuming everything in sight.

You can watch those individuals for whom want has superseded all else; watch as they slip across the event horizon into the mouth of the singularity: the temporal distortion whips limbs and expressions into a frenzied blur, as from their perspective, all motion stops and time ceases to exist.

Observe too, those who want nothing at all, floating in comatose silence through the void. Without want, they have no reason to work, no desire to play. And so they remain perfectly still: forgetting to work, to play, to eat, to breathe.

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1 Response to Want

  1. smwamsley says:

    I second the motion. I want to read more!

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