It’s time to talk about sh*t.

No, not ‘shit’, that brown sticky stuff that people make. I’m talking about sh*t, with an asterisk*.

Sh*t is all the things we Christians don’t do. We don’t drink, we don’t have sex out of marriage, we don’t smoke, chew, or go with girls that do. And we certainly don’t say shit.

I’m not saying we should stop not doing all of these things…but we’ve become a negative religion–a way of life based around the things we avoid, rather than the things we do. When Billy Joel sings that “the sinners are much more fun,” it’s not because sin is inherently more interesting than virtue…it’s because sin is doing. Doing is always more interesting than not doing.

And we are supposed to be doing. We’re supposed to be feeding the hungry, tending to the sick, encouraging other people, and leaving actual tips for struggling waiters. We need to do more than just avoid sh*t.

Doing is hard, though. Believe me. I majored in Not Doing in college and graduated with straight Fs.

But not doing doesn’t help anybody. In the parable of the talents/minas/bags of gold, the servant who does nothing with what he was given gets torn a new one.

“Master, I know you are a hard man, so I made sure not to watch R-rated movies or drink or smoke or kiss ladies on the mouth.”

“So what did you do?”


“Wicked and lazy servant! Why didn’t you at least go help out at a soup kitchen or something?”

“Um, I think I might be allergic to soup, maybe…”

And then there’s some wailing and gnashing of teeth.

By the way, I’m not wearing my judgy-pants. At least, trying not to. These are my encouragy-pants. They just sound like judgy-pants, sometimes. I’m not writing this because I’m better than you…lately, I’ve been the worst offender when it comes to not doing things. I’m writing this because I know I need to change some things, and the best way I know how is to write about it.

And I don’t know how to end this post, so here’s a dog in a bow tie.

*Asterisks do not signify footnotes.

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3 Responses to Sh*t

  1. Mojave says:

    yay let’s reduce God’s word to “let’s not do sh*t” and “not trying to be judgy pants.” This is why the American church is so failtastic ;D a little more Scripture, a little less 21st century babytalk, and this will truly be an excellent post!

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