The Husband Tree

At work today, I saw a book called The Husband Tree. From the look of the cover, it was probably a cheerful little western romance:

The Husband Tree

…but I couldn’t shake the idea that the book would end something like this:

Matilda held her wedding dress up to catch the light one more time. Another beautiful wedding, she thought, slipping the dress back into the closet. From further back in the closet, she retrieved her trusty length of rope. Her hands ran through the motions of their own accord now, looping around, forming the familiar form of the noose. With one last fond look at the wedding dress, she went off to find her dearly beloved and make another addition to the husband tree.

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5 Responses to The Husband Tree

  1. ~Juniper Love~ says:

    This story made me think of a woman who lived during the 1800s named Belle Gunness. She had a twisted habit of marrying a man, taking out a life insurance policy on him, then killing the poor unsuspecting husband. I wonder if she had her own “Husband Tree” 😉

  2. First reaction: Oh God! Why. Second reaction: Hmmm. Creative.

  3. dabink1988 says:

    Nathan, you are a disturbed man. Keep it up! 😛

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