Grease My Knees and Fleece My Bees!

I like picture books.

I like grown-up books too, but sometimes all the words get in the way of what’s being said. Pictures–the right kind of pictures–don’t. 

I saw The Missing Piece, by Shel Silverstein, sitting on a shelving cart at work yesterday. I remembered this book, and its sequel, The Missing Piece Meets The Big O, as fun silly picture books that had been fun to read as a child. On a whim, I checked both books out to re-read.

No summary will be as useful as the actual books, so here are a couple videos I found that people have made of these books.

First, The Missing Piece:

And next, The Missing Piece Meets The Big O:

*     *     *

I remember plenty of children’s books that taught me the value of friendship, or how finding the right person can change your life for the better. 

Shel Silverstein’s the only one that told me it’s okay to be alone.

I’m glad for that. Whether I needed to hear it as a child, I need to hear it now.

As friends and missing pieces are pairing up and rolling away…

friends roll away sometimes

…or growing and moving on…

growing pains

…it’s good to know that it’s okay to take life a little slower…

missing piece butterfly

…or learn how to roll on your own.

They see me rollin', they hatin'.

Sometimes the search is better than the find.

*     *     *

Honorable mention for this animation of The Missing Piece Meets The Big O. It omits parts of the text, so I went with the other one, but I like the animation in this one.

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2 Responses to Grease My Knees and Fleece My Bees!

  1. Anonymous says:

    That was absolutely beautiful. Bittersweet and true. Thanks for sharing. It was a much needed reminder today.

  2. Sometimes, we just need to go back to a simpler time. I always love reading children’s books to kids when I’m babysitting. It’s just so innocent and sweet. Simple. Sometimes it’s nice.

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