Empty Spaces


I’m still finding all the Os you filled in
Every time I go to my shelf
And pull off a book that I think
Has never been opened
I find you waiting for me
Your Os and os and 0s
Filled in with pen or pencil
Along with the tops of 9s and the bottoms of 6s
The angles of As and 4s
The baby bumps of pregnant little bs and ds
You filled in every empty space
All but one

I was a 1 before I met you
I didn’t think I had any holes that needed filling
1s never do
But then you came along
Breaking the basic laws of addition
Because 1 plus 1 didn’t equal 2 any more
1 plus 1 equaled 1
And for once
As 1
We really didn’t have any holes to fill

1 minus 1
still equals 0

There are so many books in this house now
So many Os and os and 0s
You filled in all the empty spaces
All of them but one.


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3 Responses to Empty Spaces

  1. Empty Spaces | Mindless Productivity

  2. Bendilyn Bach says:

    Beautiful… beautiful.

  3. elainecanham says:

    I love that combination of whimsy and poignancy.

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