Us Weekly 1007

She wore a handful of loose strings
Masquerading as a swimsuit
Cover too strategic to be comfortable
And I might have lingered on her hips, her waist, her breasts
Had she not also been wearing your smile

Your smile
I’d wondered where it had gone
It’s been so long since I’ve seen it on you

It’s changed to match the features it adorns
But it’s the same smile
I’d know it anywhere, on anyone
The eyes that search intently for something that isn’t there
One corner of the mouth half turned up,
Trying not to laugh at a joke that doesn’t deserve it

I feel like I should be mad at the smile for leaving you
Or the greedy bitch on the magazine cover for stealing it away
But I’m not
They look happy together
And maybe it’s enough to know that your smile is still out there

I hope you’re doing well
And that you’ve found another smile since last we met
One that fits you nicely
And one you’re seen with often
Or if not
Then I hope, at the very least, that you never settle for a grimace or a frown
On the off-chance that someday
Your old smile finds you again

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1 Response to Us Weekly 1007

  1. Priya says:

    Absolutely beautiful.

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