The Writing’s On The Wall, and 9 More Music Videos You Must See Before You Die

OK GO just released their newest music video: a mind-boggling one-take psychedelic journey through illusion and perspective. Watch it now if you haven’t yet:

The Writing’s On The Wall – OK GO

To celebrate this occasion, I’d like to take you on a tour of some of my other favorite music videos.

Typical – Mutemath

Everything’s better backwards, including the music video for this alternative rock band.

Two Against One – Danger Mouse, Danielle Luppi

I won’t claim to understand the symbolism in the video, but the nightmarish hurricane of motion and imagery always keeps me fixated.

Take On Me – a-ha

Almost thirty years later, the rotoscoping effects in this video still stand up pretty well.

Total Eclipse of the Heart – Literal Version

However, most 80s music videos do not stand the test of time very well, as this literalized version of Bonnie Tyler’s Total Eclipse of the Heart demonstrates:

Zen and the Art of Xenophobia

I would be remiss to let a music list go by without an appearance by Five Iron Frenzy, one of my long-time favorite bands. The rampant silliness in the video is good-natured and fun, and keeps the discussion of Christian xenophobic tendencies from becoming too sanctimonious. Also, Wolverine Lincoln.

Good Day – Tally Hall

Tally Hall is a band with eclectic lyrics, strong harmonies, and, apparently, a lot of television sets.

First of the Year – Skrillex

CALL 911 NOWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hurt – Johnny Cash

Yes, Nine Inch Nails wrote the song, but Cash’s worn vocals and montage of memories make this video, filmed a few months before Cash’s death, truly haunting.

This Too Shall Pass – OK GO

As far as I’m concerned, OK Go and their creative team are the current kings of complicated music videos, and so I’ve given them two spots on my list of favorites. Their Rube Goldberg machine video for This Too Shall Pass was my first introduction to them and their music.

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