The 16th Minute And On

Well…that escalated quickly.

I’ve been blogging for three years, and as of today, 94% of my traffic has come in the last ten days in the form of a million views for that post about beautiful and ugly and everything in between. I’m not exactly sure what happened… Did it get forwarded and Facebooked by enough people to catch momentum, or did the secret rulers of the internet choose it at random for public consumption?

All I know is that apparently a million of you read it. Some of you liked it…and some of you didn’t like it. And some of you really didn’t like it. And that’s fine. If we didn’t have different opinions, there wouldn’t be much point to writing anything.

While I don’t want to apologize for having a divergent opinion on the subject of beauty, worth, and physical appearance, I would like to apologize to anyone I seriously hurt, either by my words or how those words were interpreted. My intent was to encourage, but collateral damage is sometimes unavoidable.

I find it surprisingly difficult to blog right now. I’d have thought the surge of attention would be a drug to fuel more creative endeavors, but it’s ended up having the effect of a paralytic agent. I thought I’d developed a thick hide, but I realize I’m still more sensitive to criticism than I thought.

Also, as you may have noticed, this blog really doesn’t have a theme. Sometimes I wax philosophical, sometimes I write poetry, and sometimes I just write about goats or picturing STDs as astronauts. I can’t promise you a uniform experience to return to every week.

Who can, really?

I’ll try to give you something worth reading, though. I’ll try to make you think. I’ll try to make you feel. I’ll try to make you laugh.

The short-lived boost of internet quasi-fame is dying off now. My fifteen minutes in the sun are over, for now at least. But the clock keeps ticking. Tick…tick…tick…

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6 Responses to The 16th Minute And On

  1. Thank you for posting this post, as well! Attention can be…interesting. As my dad would probably say to me, if/when this happens to me, “It happened. What have you learned from it and what are you going to do next?” He’d say the same to you. Keep up the good writing. People are not always beautiful, especially when armed with a laptop and some time.

    Cheers 🙂

  2. Thomas says:

    I LOVED your post – I sent it to quite a few of my friends and we’ve discussed it at length. It really approached the idea of beauty in a way I never had before. From reading a few of your other posts you seem like a great writer in general. Don’t lose motivation if you feel a bit of a writer’s block appear after being freshly pressed; I felt the same way after it happened to me and I’m happy to say I’m still writing. Good luck, and I can’t wait to read more of your posts.

  3. nagwa_k25 says:

    It was insightful and brave. You wrote about what many of us feel yet are not courageous enough to be vocal about.

  4. I thought that was an amazing piece. The randomness of your topics is something I can really relate to especially as a new blogger, we should feel comfortable enough with our readers to talk about anything. We love a good controversy, that might explain the sudden ‘interest’ on your blog but congratulations nonetheless. I’m barely a week old in the blogging world, please follow me guys. 🙂

  5. jane e says:

    Don’t give up. I thought the gist of your post was about the word beautiful becoming a shallow, meaningless reference applied to everyone. You are giving people credit for seeing through fake sincerity and you were trying to tell us to look at the value of each person. I would rather have someone tell me I’m smart or funny, because a stranger telling me I’m beautiful is over the top. I’m attractive but I’m not drop-dead gorgeous and calling me beautiful would ring false.
    It’s interesting that when we look at a person’s value, like you suggest, that’s where their beauty lies.
    I understand your feelings of sensitivity. Today I was thinking about how sensitive I am and wondering why I should even bother to write. I might take a break from facebook and my blog for awhile.
    I apologize for being so long-winded. I just wanted you to know there are more people for you than against.
    I’ll end with a line from the 80s, “You’re beautiful, don’t ever change!” 😉

  6. Abbi says:

    I LOVED it and reblogged it to my followers. Haters gonna hate and I thought what you had to say had real resonance.

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