I think it’s time I told you

All those times you told me about our first date
And I pretended I forgot the details

All those times you made fun of me
And I pretended I was too tough to have my feelings hurt

All those times you said something stupid
And I pretended not to notice

All those times you were scared
And I pretended I wasn’t worried at all

All those times you curled up next to me
And I pretended to be asleep

All those times you told me about your feelings
And I pretended I wasn’t listening

All those times

I wasn’t pretending.

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7 Responses to Pretend

  1. mem13 says:

    Reblogged this on mem13 and commented:
    A short, trenchant poem by Nathan Biberdorf about illusions and ex lovers…

  2. Thomas says:

    Hm, interesting piece, still trying to figure out where it falls on the scale of vulnerability and willful ignorance. Looking forward to reading more of your writing.

  3. hahaha, great. You told us the answer at the beginning and we still expected a different one at the end…haha

  4. Mithil Verma says:

    Dear, one more fan in your fan list.
    Cheers!! 😀

  5. Bendilyn Bach says:

    Ouch! What ever happened to “The Love of Mad Italians”? I was hoping for some positive posts from you about love… or at least something about tiramisu, leather shoes or the Mafia. Maybe next time…?

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