Programmer, Forgive Me, For I Have&%$33333SYSTEM ERROR

How do you rid a machine of hate
One designed for killing, raping, pillaging
Running for millennia in violent mechanical cycles?
How do you clean the blood from the gears
And put its pincers and needles
To better use than evisceration?
How do you teach the pistons
New directions to move
And new tasks to accomplish?
How do you erase its memory banks
Of all the evil it has done
And convince it it was made for more than cruelty?
How do you know the new programming will stick
And it won’t revert to its old ways
The next time a fuse blows?
How do you go back to sleep at night
To the sound of whirring servos
Waiting for the itch of serrated metal on your neck?
How do you forgive the broken machine
When it’s still broken?

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