Let Your Children Touch Toads And Spiders

spider face close-up

Let your children touch toads and spiders.
Within reason, of course
Not the ones that melt the skin off your bones
Or make you dance the tarantella until your feet turn cherry
But the non-deadly ones,
The merely gross and disgusting,
Let them touch

Let them touch the hairy things,
the warty things,
the wrinkly things,
the dirty things,
the crusty things,
the slimy things,
the scaly things,
the ugly things,

Because someday you too will be

And then who, oh, who?
Will touch you?

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5 Responses to Let Your Children Touch Toads And Spiders

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  2. Anonymous says:

    kindly please follow this blog its all about today’s fashion…

  3. reneeisokay says:

    This is just delightful! Shell Silverstein would be proud.

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