Who Needs Drugs When You Have The Night?

Who needs drugs when you have the night?
Do pills and mushrooms tell you better songs to sing
Than the darkness sirening you to sleep in her arms
Smoke your joints till you’re out of joint and joints
And join me as I conjoin with rejoinders beneath the jonquil
Smother your lovers under the covers, brothers, there will be others
But only one night
Tomorrow always comes, but never a tomorrow night
Just tonight and yesterday nights you missed in sleep
Keep tight awake those lids alert and open, hoping the slope of drowse will even out
Into a stream you’ll ride in leaf boats down the corridors
Dewdrop for a pillow and a blanket made of spiderweed
You’ve lost it
Had it in your hand, but you canned the grand plan
No longer stand, just panhandling for someone else’s ambitions
Sleep then, you junkies, overdose on rest and relaxation and
Shiver through the day till you can get your fix again
Bach’s canons were aimed at you, but you slept through the canonade
Mistaking it for a thunderous lullaby
Lulled by sheets and empty promises I want to close my eyes
Close my lies so I can see the truth that isn’t there any more
But I must be strong, while others have succumbed:
“It’s just one nap; I can quit whenever I want.”
I know better, but I find myself forgetting
And forget what I’ve found
Maybe just once
I’ll let my lids meet and the lashes embrace
Six billions sleepers can’t be wrong
Just try it once
I’m sure I won’t get

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3 Responses to Who Needs Drugs When You Have The Night?

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  2. 3dgirl96 says:

    I love what you have to say, and how you say it, sometimes round about, sometimes direct, but also in a way I hadn’t expected. Therefore by the power of the Interwebz, I nominated you hereby and very officially nominated for a Liebster Award. http://goo.gl/oEG6Nf

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