I Love Getting

I love getting.

Not getting laid, getting drunk, or getting high.

Just getting. Buying, finding, downloading…I love the act of acquisition. Graphic novels, music, TV shows, library books, video game achievements, strange foods that have peanut butter in them…I’ll be overcome with a desperate need to have them all.

I’m keeping up with the Johnsons, but I don’t even have any Johnsons to keep up with. I’m getting a big head start, so that if I ever meet any Johnsons, they’ll be so discouraged by how far ahead I am that they’ll just run home and make loud snuffly sobs into their Walmart-brand caviar.

I’m beginning to suspect that this may not be the healthiest way to live.

Because the need only exists as long as the desired object remains out of reach. Now that I own the entire series of Battlestar Galactica, I’ll probably never watch it again. Wellll, then again, maybe. BSG’s pretty awesome. Bad example.

The point is, we’re living Pokemonized, gotta-catch-em-all lifestyles, and for what? I’ve only read half the books on my shelves, and most of those I read before I owned them. Who needs such large collections of media, with public libraries and Netflix and Spotify within easy reach?

We even approach relationships this way. We strive to be with the person who’s unattainable, and if we do manage to be with them, we take them for granted because they’re always around. We start looking for someone else to add to our collection.

Why do we grab and scramble so much? What are we afraid of being without? What void are we trying to fill?

All the answers to these questions are fairly clichéd, so rather than answer them, I’ll let the questions echo for a while.

What are you looking for? What do you think you’ll gain? What might you lose?

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4 Responses to I Love Getting

  1. Aitch says:

    I think you bought BSG so you could loan it to me now that they took it off of Netflix.

  2. Jerrie Hall says:

    I wish i could say i don’t know what you mean. And what do you do with the stuff when you get it? Just clean around it. Good job describing this condition called “getting”. Im trying to take the cure.

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