Decoy Poem

I met a poem yesternight
But didn’t take the time to write
And then it hid itself away
Frightened off by break of day

So now I’m staring at my desk
To conjure something poem-esque
Not in substance, only style
Which I will use with all my guile
To lure that poem out to play
Nevermore to run away.

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3 Responses to Decoy Poem

  1. Sam says:

    I’m the poem you tried to write
    The one you met just yesternight.
    I wasn’t frightened by the day
    It was from you I hid away.

    So you keep staring at you desk,
    But alone you can’t be poem-esque.
    You need substance, not just style
    To lure me out despite your guile
    Otherwise, I’ll never play
    And without guilt I’ll run away.

  2. Jerrie Hall says:

    I loved your little poem. I have been in that position, many times. Our night compositions are all so fine, too. I wish I could remember them.

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