Hello Sadness, My Old Friend

I think that it’s good to be Sad, sometimes
Perhaps even better than Glad, sometimes
For what did Happy ever do for you
But give you good sleep, and fatten you too?

Sad gives you restlessness
Sad gives you change
Sad makes you kin with the outcast and strange
Sad writes your poems and
Sad works your job
Sad makes you not want to live like a slob
Sad gives you children
Because Sad gives you sex
Because Sad gets you dates
Because Sad writes your texts
Sad makes you lonely while others have fun
And Sad gives you Happy when Sad’s time is done

Sad will be with you until your life ends
So why not stop hiding, and learn to be friends?

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3 Responses to Hello Sadness, My Old Friend

  1. The Modern Leper says:

    I relate to every single one of your posts to the point where I probably need psychiatric help.

  2. I absolutely love this! It flows very nicely:)

  3. Unique and clever perspective

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