I Only Hate The Sellouts Because Someone Paid Me To

When I was young and I was free
I could be anything you wanted me to be
I could play it more pop, I could crank up the bass
Photoshop my voice and autotune my face
But my deepest hope and my realest dream
Was to sell out to the corporate machine

Yeah, I wanted to sell out like all my pals
Rake in the cash and ditzy gals
Let the fans all hate me for my selfish choice
As I rolled around in my gold Rolls Royce
I’d be the biggest tool you’d ever seen
Once I’d sold my soul to the big machine

Didn’t want to be an dreamy-eyed artist chump any
More so I went to the record company
Wanted to sign that paper, ready to conform
But the words he spoke took my world by storm
“Son, I like your gumption and your greed for green
But there’s no place for you in this great machine

“See, selling out is out of style
Our self-same fame makes us reviled
Being yourself’s where the money’s at
So why don’t you try and conform to that?
I’m the Man, you see, so if you want to succeed
You’ve got to stick it to me and my damned machine.”

So I started up my own indie band
Got integrity, ate from no man’s hand
And I hate the sellouts ’cause it pays so well
And I live my life in a freestyle hell
Why couldn’t you let me chase my dream
To be just a cog in the big machine?

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1 Response to I Only Hate The Sellouts Because Someone Paid Me To

  1. Very interesting perspective, Nate. One little bit of advice, though: When anyone tells you to “be yourself,” tell them to go shove it! Over the years I’ve come to realize that the phrase “be yourself” is a pseudo-philosophy, absolutely meaningless at best and downright authoritarian and dictatorial at worst. YOU ALREADY ARE YOURSELF AND YOU’RE ALWAYS YOURSELF. But how is that working out for you!? For most of us it isn’t working out very well. I say, BE JUST WHAT YOU WANT TO BE! That’s what’s got the groove; that’s what’s got the meaning. I’ve noticed that “be yourself” is something people will say to you when THEY don’t like the way you’re acting. What they really mean is, “be cool.” And I’m not talking about the modern-day definition of cool, as in fashionable, hip, trendy, in, and with it. I’m talking about the old-fashioned conservative definition of cool, as in, “Don’t make waves. Don’t instigate trouble. Don’t go against the flow.” Since that’s what they really mean, I wish they would just say that, instead of “be yourself.” Again, my philosophy of life is, BE JUST WHAT YOU WANT TO BE … EVEN IF IT ISN’T YOURSELF!

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