That’s Not A Baby…

Sometimes writing feels like this.

And surprisingly, I’m not talking about the endless series of slaps.

At some point, every writer learns that you have to Kill Your Darlings. This means you often have to cut out the part of your story that you love the most, in order to let the work succeed.

If you’ve never done it before, it sounds atrocious. “Kill my darlings? If I’m going to edit out my favorite part, what’s the point in writing at all? WHAT’S THE POINT OF LIVING?!?!?!”

But once you’ve killed it, you realize that the darling wasn’t so darling after all. You see how your story thrives with the excision. And you see the darling for the cancerous thing it was, siphoning the life out of your story so that it could survive.

not a baby i'm a tumor


Kill your darlings without remorse.

They’re not babies.

They’re tumors.

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3 Responses to That’s Not A Baby…

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  2. Reblogged this on ayeshasheikhzuber and commented:
    My idea behind cutting the part I love, is to pretend. In order to feel a part of this candy world.

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