Stretched Shoelaces

shoelace heart

I stepped on my shoelace today
Stretched it out to the breaking point
It’s in two pieces now
A collection of loose fibers
And the cotton sheath that held them together
They used to be one
But now they’re not

It made me think of you
How you used to pull on my shoelaces
Until they were inches too long to be any use
As if you were trying to see
How far they would reach

I had to keep adding knots
To keep the laces out from underfoot
From single to double to triple to sextuple
I used to tie each shoe with a six-fold knot
Just to keep them on
It’s funny, I never noticed until now, but
I still do

You were so annoying back then
I remember that much
I just don’t remember
Why I was so annoyed
Like that time you pulled just a bit too hard
And held half a shoelace in your hand
For just a fraction of a second
You looked aghast
Then the shame disappeared when you laughed
And started pecking me with the shoelace tip

That’s what it’s called
The hard plastic-coated tip on each end of the lace
I looked it up one day
Thought it was important to know
To give it a name
I was wrong, of course
About that, and other things

I don’t know why I got so mad that day
Over a shoelace?
No, I guess I know better than that
The things we get angry about
Are rarely the things we’re angry about
Maybe I was just stressed about classes
Or the uncertainty of the future after college
Maybe I wondered how far you were going to stretch me
And what being with you would cost

I went to the store today
Needed to buy new shoelaces
At least now I know.

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4 Responses to Stretched Shoelaces

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  2. Reblogged this on IN BITS OF MANY STORIES! and commented:
    On many levels, this seriously impaxted a few emotions in my soul….

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