Daddy Daddy Daddy

Hey God
Hey God
Hey hey hey
It’s me
Down here
Dontcha hear me praying?
Praying every day
Every night
Every morning
Hey God
Hey God
Help me
Can you help me?
Please help me
With my back and my job and my house and my money and my
Hey God
Didn’t hear an answer
Are you mad at me
For that thing I did earlier?
I’m sorry
I’m sorry
Hey God
I’m sorry
Sorry that I didn’t think
But I’ll do better
I’ll do better next time
I swear I’ll do better
Hey God
Hey God
I’m praying without ceasing
So why don’t you answer?

And from the other side of the supermarket

I hear a high, thin drone
Hey Daddy
Hey Daddy Daddy Daddy
Lookit lookit lookit
Didja see?
Didja see this one?
Daddy daddy daddy lookit’s the only one I don’t have
Didja know, Daddy?
Didja know he can go a thousand miles an hour
That’s faster than sound, Daddy
Didja know that?
Daddy, Daddy, can I have it?
Please, Daddy, please, Daddy, please
Can I can I can I?
Daddy I promise if you let me have it
I’ll eat my vegetables every night
And I’ll make my bed every morning
Daddy I promise
Daddy, Daddy, lookit
Daddy, can I have it?
Daddy, Daddy, Daddy
You’re not even looking!

And I think
God, how annoying
And return to my prayer.

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1 Response to Daddy Daddy Daddy

  1. Just heard today on the radio a passage about being patient. Sarah was patient and gave Abraham a son in his 100th year. Talk about patience!

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