17-Minute Poem

You can do a lot in 17 minutes.
Or you can do a lot of not in 17 minutes.
It depends on whether you stop to think
It depends on whether you stop to drink
It depends on whether you stop stopping and start starting something
Because now you have only 16 minutes
Where did that minute go?
Were you too busy thinking about the minute to use it?
At least you won’t do that this time.
See, you still have 16 minutes left!
How efficient that self-examination was
Just think what you can do with that minute!
Oh, wait,
Never mind.
It’s gone now.
Now there are only 15 minutes left.
But let’s not kid ourselves.
This one’s basically gone too.
Might as well call it 14 minutes.
Not 14 yet?
Well, just wait a second.
There it is.
What were you going to do?
Something more important than this, certainly.
You probably thought you were going to write a poem.
Is that what this is?
This seems much more like counting down the minutes until you’re done.
Don’t you do that enough as it is?

13 minutes.
Was that line break intentional?
Too late to go back and fix it.
Think of all the seconds I might lose
Seconds make up minutes, you know.
And minutes make up hours.
If only you had hours.
But you only have 12 minutes.
Are you going to have a picture with this poem?
Pictures raise blog views, you know.
You want people to see this, don’t you?
I mean, it’s not like you’re doing a very good job of it
But you still want people to see this thing you did a not very good job of making
You’d better go find a picture.
You’ve only got 11 minutes left.
No, it probably won’t relate to this poem.
This poem’s not about anything, is it?
Nothing tangible, anyway.
How about that one you downloaded for your computer background?
blue waterfall

No, not that one
The other one.
The one with the turtle.
Wait a minute
Err, well don’t do that
You’ve only got 9 of them left.
You missed 10 minutes
That’s probably going to throw off the rhythm of the poem
Probably irritate people who like things to be in order
But oh well,
You can’t worry about that
You only have 8 minutes left to finish this poem.
Now where’s that turtle picture?
turtle crawl

Aww, that’s cute
Everyone likes animals
Cute little baby animals
They’ll definitely click on this link now
7 minutes
You almost missed that one
6 minutes
Right, are you going to give this poem a title?
I don’t know
What about
“17-Minute Poem”?
Well, you know what they say about beggars and choosers, right?
Beggars can be choosers
But then they die.
Just put it up there.
Before your 5 minutes are up.

4 minutes
You left another line-break in there.
I feel like you’re doing it on purpose now.
3 minutes
Stop trying to be artsy
This is the most stream-of-conscious garbage you’ve ever written
I mean, except for that other time
You’re going to link to other work in the middle of this poem?
Could you be any more tacky?
Whatever, 2 minutes left.
I don’t care.

Because you don’t even care any more.
1 minute
What are you waiting for?
Just post it already
Post it
Post it
Time’s up!
Post it!

Maybe they’ll love you this time.

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3 Responses to 17-Minute Poem

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  2. gh0stpupp3t says:

    LMAO Good stuff Nathan 🙂

  3. Wow. How time goes. Must accomplish much in my time!!

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