I’ll See You When The Clock Strikes ‘Someday’

She wasn’t a dream-girl
An imaginary woman that you dream about meeting
She was a dreamgirl
A real woman met only in a dream

She was whole and human and flawed
And shy of perfect in that way that made her better than perfect
She lived in an old clock tower
And slept with the ringing of hours as her lullaby

I got to know her well
In those years we spent
In the minutes between sleeping and waking

She was blind, at least legally so
But it was a peculiar sort of blindness
One which depended on the sunlight and the tides, and a dozen other factors
So that when the sun set just right
And the moon rose just so
She could see again
And we made the most of those times

I didn’t believe her at first
I thought she was joking
Or that she had fooled me
And she’d been sighted all along
But eventually I believed
Less from evidence than from hearing her say the words

We picnicked in the old clock
Perched on a great gear
The two of us perfectly still
As all the world spun around us
We feasted on oranges and chicken wings
And the look in each other’s eyes
And when we’d finished
Dropped the peels and bones through the gaps in the clockwork

She taught me that you could dance on the lines between the stars
If you remembered the names of their constellations
But if you ever forgot them
Then down you would tumble to the earth
She stayed up there far longer than I could
For every star was her friend
And the names of friends are so much easier to remember

I lost track of all the time we spent
The sighted times and the blind times
Until one moment, as we sat gazing at each other
Her hair the color of nightfire
There was a noise
And she was no more than an outline made of a thousand red blazing stars

And then the dream gave way
To my bed and my window and the jangling of my alarm
Reminding me that I was supposed to go to work
Trying to convince me that that was somehow important
And I knew that the dream was over
That our time was truly at an end

Or perhaps I’ve developed my own sort of blindness
And will see her again
When the sun sets just right
And the moon rises just so

inside clock tower

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