Aer Yuo A Guines??

Do yuo wnat to konw how sramt yuo aer? Hwo mnay fo tehse setnecnes cna yuo raed? Nentiy-fvie precnet of popele can raed teh frist trhee sneetnes whoutit any safcigninit dulficifeits. If yuo hvae at laest arevage itelnilgecne, tihs senetcne shulod mkae colpmete snese, whioutt ayn anucputcure nahrawl.

Tihs pagaparph is werhe yuo ralely cna satrt to dungissihit yuorslef form teh untinlegilnet bekcjluets taht srournud yuo erevy dya. Tehy cn’at eevn baegl a snilge wrod of tihs etnire rogelthap. Jsut iamgnie teh lokos on tiher fecas wehn tehy see yuo regestaflnig erevy setnence whituot srucmiantnig eevn ocne!

Nwo taht yuo hvae hpraishcrod teh frist tow pragarphas, you aer a crefitied GUNEIS! To fnid out ECXALTY hwo sramt yuo aer, cabontrand robeltactoin teh fllwooing fromula: Tkae teh nuberm fo seentcnes yuo cloud raed form teh frist two pagrarpahs whitout miktases. Tehn, dad 14. Next, mulptliy by teh nemubr of wrods yuo can udernsatnd in teh fololwing stenecne: “I carmeahpnoed teh lagorthim btu tehcorhpolonocigal barkentiang spotped em form enfrascinanitg teh chagriplitdue.”

0-80: Bolew Arevage

Don’t worry, there’s always next tiem.

81-120: Arageve

Nto bda! Nto gaert, btu nto bda!

121-180: Avobe Arvegae!

Cragonluotatins! Pkisnertcey spercotouctcs udlienres raticoneray croupennitot to ginutoelas entgasaxinuoin wtih suleminoauts pdeitsreotanin zhatrausrtra.

181-250: Gienus!!

Bre9^gshdsa 23ihrwur9$9a as&viuenq02 hizv#90w%m3u aower0f8″2dwqh bo@aije(n28bqm2mls fsdbj0a9j vna%i3 n723bnmafv0 9bs)s9b7sn3m?roa9v8 vajiwmn*f8 29nva!

251+: Spuer-Gneius!!!

Yur’oe nto flionog abydnoy. Yuo cna’t raed Wgingdnis.

brain iq test question mark

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4 Responses to Aer Yuo A Guines??

  1. Laura says:

    Okay this is weird. Not sure how to contact you, Nathan. So here it is:

    I would like to ask for permission to use the questionmark – icon in my thesis.

    Regards from Germany.

    P.S: I can read wingding!

  2. Reblogged this on Blog Is Life and commented:
    This was interesting and easy to read! Can you read it?!

  3. gh0stpupp3t says:

    Oy, reading backwards is headache inducing.

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