Sic Semper Malus Histrionibus

The actors are going crazy
Or so the tabloids tell me
As they paint themselves purple on Hollywood and Vine
And go into rehab for uncontrolled controlled substances
But seven score and four or more years ago
When actors went crazy
They used to shoot at presidents

“Sic semper tyrannis!” he said
But did he shout at Lincoln the president
Or Lincoln the audience member
Who might have dozed off during one scene
Or who scarcely clapped at the end of the first act
Or who whispered to Mary Todd all through his very best soliloquy?

There’s no steady hook-up for the attention drug
And withdrawal strikes hard when it hits
So I’m thankful for every actor who has a relatively harmless meltdown
Instead of looking for someone to shoot when their fifteen minutes are up

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One Response to Sic Semper Malus Histrionibus

  1. I really enjoyed this. Makes you think and call me cynical but it did have a humorous ending. Keeps guns out of actors hands please!!

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