Who Killed Pacman’s Ghosts?

Who killed Pacman’s ghosts?
And why do we assume he is the good guy?
As he hounds them in death, might he likewise have hounded them in life?
Though he kills the ghosts, they live again
Though the ghosts kill him, he lives again
Pacman is a ghost too
Is Pacman in hell?
The corridors recurse upon themselves
There is no escape for Pacman
Merely the endless consumption of dots
And ghosts
And ghostly fruit that vanishes
Why do you hunger, Pacman?
Was it gluttony that damned you to this two-dimensional plane?
A never-ending hunger that drives you in ever-more convoluted mazes
To consume the ghosts
Your lone companions in this blue and black and yellow wastelands
Perhaps you were friends once
You and Blinky and Inky and Pinky and
When did the ravenous hunger overtake you?
When did you turn to devour your compatriots?
They cry for you, Pacman
Even as they strike you down, they pray for your salvation
That you will see the light once more
That one day you will say to them
“Friends, forgive me for what I’ve done.”
But all you say is


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2 Responses to Who Killed Pacman’s Ghosts?

  1. i killed pac -man hahahahaha

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