Lichen Lover, Let Me Leave

You spoke your love in lichen words
And like a fool I listened
Listened as your glistening tendrils
Twisted around my wrists like thistles
Whistling in the dark, I lit a match
And they told me the match was you
Flames flickered out like weak similes
And the smiles that dried slyly
Into cracks of unmourned savannah
You cut off all my routes
And left me roots instead
Tied into knots beneath the mud you dug up to bury me with
I was a rolling stone
And you the moss that gathered to stay me
Weigh me down, stealing my inertia with the firm application of friction
From the sand you ground from the pieces of my shattered illusions
You told me you would grow on me
And in that, at least, you spoke the truth
You spoke your love in lichen words
But gravity calls
And I, a stone, must roll again

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