OH MY GOD! WE’RE HAVING A FIRE…Extinguisher Test

The notice on the door says our fire extinguishers need to be renewed. Time to pull it out. It’s under the kitchen sink, right?


Um, okay. Maybe it’s in one of the cupboards?


Okay, don’t panic, it’s probably under the bathroom sink.


The other bathroom?


Hall closet?


Front closet?


This is terrible. What if there had been a fire? How am I supposed to find the fire extinguisher if it’s not kept in an obvious, clearly visible location?

I walk across the hall, knock on the neighbor’s door. “Where’s your fire extinguisher?”

“Oh, it’s there on the kitchen wall.”

“Weird. Maybe someone stole mine.”

Walk back.

Go to my kitchen.

It’s right on the #@%*!&$ wall.


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