Right Behind You

“Right behind you”
Says the little voice when I am near asleep
“Right behind you”
Says a whisper in a tone both high and deep
So I look around behind me
And there’s nothing to be seen
And that’s worse by far than anything
The whisper might have been.

“Just above you”
Says the other voice that mutters from the ceiling
“Just above you”
Says the voice that gives me such an awful feeling
So I take a peek above me
And the mutters promptly stop
But it’s somehow worse than looking up
And seeing something drop.

“Here inside you”
Says the final voice from somewhere in my chest
“Here inside you”
Says the nagging voice that never lets me rest
So I open up this cavity
To find the source of dread
But there’s nothing there inside me
No, there’s not a thing inside me
Not a single thing inside me
But the voices in my head.

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